Welcome to CR 537 West Main Street Corridor Roadway Improvements Project

Welcome to the Monmouth County Route 537, West Main Street, Corridor Roadway Improvements Project between Sentinel Road and U.S. Route 9 Interchange in Freehold Township, New Jersey. Monmouth County is finalizing the design plans for operational and safety improvements. This website provides information on the project and the opportunity to participate and comment.

County Route 537 (CR 537) is a major east-west transportation corridor serving regional travel needs between Burlington, Monmouth and Ocean Counties. The roadway serves as a connector between the regional routes of US Route 9, NJ Route 33 Freeway, NJ Route 33 Business, NJ Route 34, NJ Route 79, and Interstate Route 195. The corridor has substandard design elements, a history of safety concerns, and suffers from traffic congestion and delays due to inadequate roadway capacity. Solutions were developed to improve safety and reduce congestion while still considering practical measures to avoid, minimize, or mitigate potential impacts to the natural environment.

Community involvement was an essential part of the project during the Local Concept Development (LCD) Study and the Local Preliminary Engineering (LPE) Phase of the project. The County continues to encourage the community and general public to follow, participate, and provide input on the corridor roadway improvements during the Final Design (FD) Phase. Public outreach meetings, coordination and communication will continue during the Construction Phase.

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Local Project Delivery Process

Local Concept Development – COMPLETE
Purpose & Need Statement
Concept Development & Alternatives Analyses
Selection of Preliminary Preferred Alternative
Environmental Screening Report & NEPA Classification
Concept Development Report
Initiate Public Outreach & Involvement
Local Preliminary Engineering – COMPLETE
Approved Design Exception Report
Cost Estimates (Final Design, ROW and Construction)
Approved Environmental Document
Preliminary Design
Preliminary Engineering Report
Continue Public Outreach & Involvement
Final Design / Right of Way Acquisition – WE ARE HERE
Construction Contract Documents & PS&E Package
Environmental Reevaluations
Secure Environmental Permits
Acquisition of ROW
Final Utility Relocation Schemes
Continued Public Outreach & Involvement
Completed Construction
Continue Public Outreach
Update and Finalize Design Communications Report
Close-out Documentation
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